Structural Pallet Rack :

Anchor Manufacturing ROCNA SERIES structural selective pallet rack is made from hot rolled steel and produced on our state of the art CNC punch line that is superior in accuracy and speed putting far less stress on the metal. At Anchor Manufacturing we use only US rolled structural steel with stamped clips and grade 5 nut and bolt fasteners for the connections. The final product is finished off in our powder coat line using a UV rated powder for a long lasting and brilliant finish.

Our ROCNA series structural selective pallet rack provides the same versatility and ease of pallet access as standard roll formed while also providing a heavier duty more impact resistant solution. The overall cost of ownership with structural rack becomes more attractive over the life of the system due to the durability and minimized upright and beam replacements due to abuse. Beam levels can be adjusted on one inch increments for maximum space utilization and all connection points are nut and bolt, eliminating the possibility of a beam popping out of place.


  • C3 and C4 Uprights
  • C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 and C8 Beams
  • Bolt On Bullnose Protectors with ¾” anchor
  • Structural Angle Clips Adjustable on 1” Centers
  • Hybrid Systems with Structural Frames and Roll Formed Bolt On Beams
  • End Of Aisle Rub Rails

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